For those who are curious, here are some lists of products I like and people I follow.

What’s in my gym bag now?

  1. Notebook, pen
    I track every workout in here. I jot down my warm up exercises, workout exercises, and aches/pains I encounter. I note sets and reps for each lift as well as other details such as what grip (hammer/neutral, supinated, pronated, wide, narrow), what size step (plyo boxes, benching bench, step, etc), and anything else that can vary in an exercise. I also record cardio workout lengths, modalities, intensities, and distances.This keeps me accountable to myself, lets me know what I accomplished on a certain exercise last week and the weight I should use this week, and occasionally I use the set and rep information to calculate training volume.
  2. Nalgene bottle
    Hydration is so important. If you feel thirsty, you’re already behind on your hydration game. I love Nalgene bottles because they are durable, don’t leak, come in awesome colors, and hold enough water to get me through a workout.
  3. Mini bands (Mini Loops)
    I use these often in my lower body workouts for a plethora of exercises. They are great for booty-building, hip/knee/ankle stability training, and learning good abduction mechanics in squats.
  4. Small ball/Double ball
    These are fantastic. I keep at least one on me at all times. I incorporate them into the soft tissue (foam rolling) part of my warm up and use them daily on troublesome areas like my traps, piriformis, and forearms.

What’s in your gym bag? Comment below!


My favorites to learn from:

Who do you follow for training advice? Comment below!


Supplements I use:

  1. Optimum Nutrition Whey
    My flavors of choice are Extreme Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate.
  2. Carbon Prep
    Layne Norton’s latest pre workout mix.
  3. Omega-3 by Body Vega Nutrition
    2 capsules have 1500mg of omega-3
  4. Natural Calm Magnesium
    Replenishes magnesium levels and helps with sleep quality.
  5. BCAA powder
    Usually Optimum Nutrition brand.

What supplements do you like? Comment below!



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